A Case for Selling Clothes on eBay vs. Consignment Selling.

If you would have told me 5 years ago that I would be supplementing my income, with about $400 extra a month, through eBay, I would have looked at you like you had an extra eyeball.

First, I didn’t ever go onto eBay, let alone know how easy it was to sell on eBay, second, I would have said:  who wants the hassle of  figuring out how to set up an eBay seller account, figuring out the shipping of each product, and running back and forth to the post office to ship things?  Finally, I would have told you I was just fine doing what I was doing: bringing my pre-owned clothing and shoes to the consignment store.
That was my mindset, until one day, after picking up my $13.50 check from the consignment store, I asked if they could give me an itemized breakdown of what had sold, and how much it sold for (I hadn’t even thought this was possible before).  When I looked at it-I was aghast! Jeans: $2.50, shirt: $1.00, purse: $10.00! Well, I knew that I had only brought them one purse, and this was a Coach purse-in great condition, in my opinion.  So, I asked the girl behind the counter, how was it that my Coach purse only made me $10? She explained to me that twice a year they have a Blowout Sale on all merchandise (full price and sale) and EVERYTHING in the store is 75% off on that day.  Well, indeed someone had picked up the Coach purse on that day, and here I was with $10 dollars to show for it.

That was the day, that I went on eBay to see what a similar pre-owned Coach purse sold for, and I saw most of them selling between $80-$100.   This was enough.  I created a eBay seller account that day, and since have worked my way up to making on average between $300-$500 a month in supplementary income.

If you would like me to write a blog post on How to Sell on eBay, please leave a comment below.

Thank you! CM


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