Boxy Charm Subscription Box: Is It Worth It-Unsponsored Review

This review is not paid nor endorsed in any way by Boxy Charm.

I am a makeup lover. I love new makeup, I love makeup from different brands, I love playing with new makeup, I love watching videos about makeup, and I love to read about makeup. So when a recent blog post about beauty subscriptions caught my eye; I discovered their was a subscription out there that didn’t scam their subscribers into paying for samples. This subscription was different, instead for $21/month, Boxy Charm sends their subscribers 4-5 products with 4 (and sometimes 5) of these products coming in FULL SIZES! I thought to myself, this is too good to be true. Then I thought, but if it is true, I am definitely missing out! So I went online and signed up that day.

Let me just say, I have had subscriptions to other makeup boxes in the past. I subscribed to Ipsy and Sephora Play for about a year each. Every time I received a box from both of these subscriptions I felt like I was paying hard-earned money for samples. I especially felt this way with Sephora Play (but hey the company operates on making their VIB customers spend $500 for their ridiculous freebies–if you are a VIB you will know what I’m saying).

I digress, back to my Boxy Charm subscription. I received an email notification saying my box had been delivered today, so when I went to my mailbox I was so happy to see this cute black box waiting for me. Any mail that I receive that is a purchase, rather than a bill, is like Christmas Day to me-I can’t wait until I get back in the house to open it-I just tear right into it-typically destroying any packaging that it came in. But Boxy Charm has durable packaging as you can see from the picture below: still fairly in tact.

Here is a picture of my 1st Boxy Charm subscription box: WOW!

I have to say, I am beyond impressed with what I received. Every single product is FULL sized (no scrimpy samples). Below I listed each item and the actual price for the item and you can decide for yourself if this subscription box is worth it.

Crown Cosmetics: Pro 10 Fuego Collection (retails $29.99)

Note: 05 Desert Rose blush (retails $11.99)

Dr. Brandt: No More Baggage eye gel (retails $42.00)

Wander Beauty: Unlashed Volume and Curl Mascara (retails $24.00)

Chella: Tantalizing Taupe Eyebrow Cream (retails $26.00)

Add it all up and everything comes to over $133.00!!! That total is not including tax nor shipping. With my Boxy Charm subscription, $21 covers it all (products, shipping and tax).

I linked all of the products I received, to their website or where you can purchase them, because this is not a review of each individual item, but for the overall subscription. However, if you check out the links you can get more details about what each product does, ingredients, reviews, etc. I am thoroughly impressed Boxy Charm. If every box you send is like this one: you have found yourself a lifetime member.

Please comment below if you this subscription seems interesting to you or if you have any questions about the items in my Boxy Charm box!

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