Boxy Charm Subscription Box: Is It Worth It-Unsponsored Review

This review is not paid nor endorsed in any way by Boxy Charm.

I am a makeup lover. I love new makeup, I love makeup from different brands, I love playing with new makeup, I love watching videos about makeup, and I love to read about makeup. So when a recent blog post about beauty subscriptions caught my eye; I discovered their was a subscription out there that didn’t scam their subscribers into paying for samples. This subscription was different, instead for $21/month, Boxy Charm sends their subscribers 4-5 products with 4 (and sometimes 5) of these products coming in FULL SIZES! I thought to myself, this is too good to be true. Then I thought, but if it is true, I am definitely missing out! So I went online and signed up that day.

Let me just say, I have had subscriptions to other makeup boxes in the past. I subscribed to Ipsy and Sephora Play for about a year each. Every time I received a box from both of these subscriptions I felt like I was paying hard-earned money for samples. I especially felt this way with Sephora Play (but hey the company operates on making their VIB customers spend $500 for their ridiculous freebies–if you are a VIB you will know what I’m saying).

I digress, back to my Boxy Charm subscription. I received an email notification saying my box had been delivered today, so when I went to my mailbox I was so happy to see this cute black box waiting for me. Any mail that I receive that is a purchase, rather than a bill, is like Christmas Day to me-I can’t wait until I get back in the house to open it-I just tear right into it-typically destroying any packaging that it came in. But Boxy Charm has durable packaging as you can see from the picture below: still fairly in tact.

Here is a picture of my 1st Boxy Charm subscription box: WOW!

I have to say, I am beyond impressed with what I received. Every single product is FULL sized (no scrimpy samples). Below I listed each item and the actual price for the item and you can decide for yourself if this subscription box is worth it.

Crown Cosmetics: Pro 10 Fuego Collection (retails $29.99)

Note: 05 Desert Rose blush (retails $11.99)

Dr. Brandt: No More Baggage eye gel (retails $42.00)

Wander Beauty: Unlashed Volume and Curl Mascara (retails $24.00)

Chella: Tantalizing Taupe Eyebrow Cream (retails $26.00)

Add it all up and everything comes to over $133.00!!! That total is not including tax nor shipping. With my Boxy Charm subscription, $21 covers it all (products, shipping and tax).

I linked all of the products I received, to their website or where you can purchase them, because this is not a review of each individual item, but for the overall subscription. However, if you check out the links you can get more details about what each product does, ingredients, reviews, etc. I am thoroughly impressed Boxy Charm. If every box you send is like this one: you have found yourself a lifetime member.

Please comment below if you this subscription seems interesting to you or if you have any questions about the items in my Boxy Charm box!

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2018 Spring Fashion Trends What I Will Be Wearing, and A Few That Will Be On My “What Not to Wear” List This Spring

The 2018 Fashion Trends That Will Rock My Closet This Spring:


Got The Blues: Denim       Denim will never go out of style.  The question is, how is denim going to be styled each year? Well 2018 is Denim Galore Girls!  Denim is in full effect! Break out that dusty jean jacket, chambray top and  eclectic pair of jeans; you just made yourself an outfit!  Fashion designers have gone wild; goodbye good ‘ole pair of Gap boyfriend fit jeans! Denim options are going to be off the charts! An added bonus:  items from this trend will not be on the “out” after this spring, you may not be able to wear them all at once, but pieces from this trend will be ageless.


Picasso Baby: Art-Inspired Prints     This is another fashion trend that has never really gone out of styleI think that most people out there have that favorite graphic tee from 10 years ago that you just cannot part with! Luckily, 2018 is giving you permission to keep it, for at least another year. The thing that excites me about this trend is that, because it is now an official “trend”, you will be able to find graphic t shirts in stores everywhere! I was getting a little tired of Target’s women’s graphic tee section options anyway.


High Up:  High-Waisted   High-waisted anything is very in this spring.  I just love the high-waisted look.  It is flattering for almost every body type; especially if you need a little boost in the bum department.  Additionally, it is really easy to pair tops with-just tuck in a solid t-shirt, and you are out the door!


Hey Shorty:   Shorts    Shorts with tights have been my winter thing for about a year now! I was so happy to see that this made it as an official “trend” this year!  I live in Phoenix, AZ which is a place where one owns just as many pairs of shorts as they do jeans.  For some reason, it feels like you are “getting away with” something when wearing shorts in the winter.  Like you are being a naughty rebel, but in a good way (you know?).


Bling Baby Bling:   Sequins and Shine   Yes! Yes! Yes! I have always secretly been in love with anything bling.  That blinged up mirror, the tricked out phone case, and glitter galore! This is no longer just for my furniture and phone accessories, it is an official fashion DO! Bingo grandmas, who have been hoarding that bling for years,  are in fashion heaven! They knew that this trend would one day make it’s comeback! Now go on and Bling Bling with your bad self! 


Mix it Up: Patterns   Speaking of the naughty rebel. The blending patterns trend made it to the end of my list because I definitely want to attempt this trend.  I have liked this trend on others for a long time.  I have always been envious of those rebellious enough to sport that plaid tank with that stripped button up! I don’t know if I even own more than one polka dot piece and a few stripped numbers, but if there ever was a time to attempt to pull this off-it is now.

The 2018 Fashion Trends That Made My, What Not To Wear, List:


Fantastic Plastic:  Plastic Clothing     Plastic clothing?  I’m just going to go Captain Obvious here…”How can this be comfortable”? Don’t get me wrong, I do love the Pharrel clothing line: Raw, which uses plastic waste from our oceans in the production of their clothing.  Chic and ethical-I am all in!   However, unless there is an ethical motivation for creation, this trend will always elude me.  I will stick to drinking from my plastic, not wearing it.


Trench Mania: The Trench Coat      For the record, I think that the trench coat look can be so chic and sophisticated (when done right); however I will definitely not be headed out to find this 2018 trend this year for two reasons: First,  I as I mentioned before I am a Phoenician -where frankly, a trench would look out of place.  It barely rains here, nor is it really cold enough to rock puffer vest, let alone a trench. Second, I don’t think that it is a flattering piece for all body types.  Trench coats, are what watch hustlers use to hold their cache of watches, and magicians use them to pull rabbits from.  Unless you find one that fits you like a glove-then this trend is a big no for me.

2018 Spring Fashion Trend (Not So) Honorable Mention:  


Scrunch City:  The Scrunchie     Yes, that wasn’t a typo (even though autocorrect is doesn’t recognize this word)  As a side thought: If autocorrect does not recognize a word; is it logical to say it shouldn’t exist?  I digress, the scrunchie  is making a comeback folks! This one defies all logic for me, but you can see it for yourself in the runway photos above.  I was sure that Sex in the City episode, where Carrie criticizes her boyfriend’s book by saying, “You have your leading lady running all over town in a scrunchie!” was the end of this strange invention.  Didn’t Carrie Bradshaw forever banish the scrunchie to die in fad heaven?  It just can’t be!  However, I’m going to make like autocorrect, and not recognize this trend is back.

Which of the trends on my list (or any other fashion list out there) are fashion “do’s” and fashion “do not’s” for all of you? I would love to hear your input in the comment section below.  Thank you for reading friend~

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